Dr. Neta Peleg-Oren, Ph.D, LCSW

Individual & Couples Psychotherapist. Writer. Speaker.

Certified in Anger Mangement Specialist II

  Certified Telehealth Practitioner



Dr. Neta Peleg-Oren, Ph.D, LCSW

Individual & Couples Psychotherapist. Writer. Speaker.

  Certified Telehealth Practitioner


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this is a boutique Psychotherapy clinic where each client receives a personal and full attention and caring to his/her needs

Do not simply ignore the problem – reach out to me.

Coping with Anxiety

Get tools to cope with anxiety.

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Coping with Depression

Get tools to cope with depression.

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Am I worth as a human being? Am I competent?

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Couples & Relationship

Love is a critical component in a relationship, is it enough?

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Therapy Can Be Provided In English Or Hebrew

"Dr. Neta is a great model of intellectual honesty"

Understanding interpersonal relationships and empathy. It will take a professional years to develop  those skills. She masters them!

I highly recommend Dr. Neta Peleg Oren for both individual and couples therapy.


Nili Sachs,  Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Relationships, Marriage, Dating, Sexuality Expert



" Dr. Neta is compassionate and highly skilled. She does top notch work!"

Joel A. Mintz

ד"ר נטע פלג - אורן מטפלת ברמה גבוהה מבחינה מקצועית

בעלת יכולות בינאישיות גבוהות ויכולת לתת מענים מקצועיים מגוונים למצבים משתנים. אמפטית, מקצועית, מסורה למטופלים .

!מומלצת בחום
ענת לוין עו”ס פסיכוטרפיסטית קוגניטיבית התנהגותית

"I Now Lead A More Peaceful And Fulfilling Life"

“Thank you for all your help. I am grateful to the diary you helped me to write. Now I can look back, read, and realize how much I have learned from your sessions. I now lead a more peaceful and fulfilling life.”


"You Called To See If I’m OK"

“You have given me such a joy to know you. You called to see if I’m OK – just touch my heart. Thank you for all the kindness you always give to me!”


"Your Office Felt Like A Safe Place"

“I appreciated your warmth and care. Your office felt like a safe place to open up and discuss my fears and concerns.”


"You Were The Only Person That Didn't Give Up On Me"

“After such a long journey, I am so grateful for having met you, as you were the only person that didn’t give up on me while everyone else, including myself didn’t believe I would be able to overcome my eating disorder issues. Yet now I can finally admit that I have an eating disorder, thanks to you… You made me believe I can actually accept myself the way I am, build a support system around me and appreciate the little things in life that can create a big change. Your unusual and down-to-earth way of walking me through one step at a time, with no judgment, made me start to believe in myself.”


From My Blog

What Would You Do if Today Was Your Last Day on Earth?

  “What would you do if today was your last day on earth?” I ask Daniel (52). Daniel does not know how to respond to my question. “this is a hypothetical question, most likely it’s not my last day on earth, I don’t like to imagine things, I am a practical...

How to live with uncertainty- Hurricane Dorian

Navigating between the “Spaghetti lines” and the American and European models or how to live with uncertainty With Hurricane Dorian, currently the only certainty we have is the uncertainty. How to live with uncertainty? Stress is a natural response when we face a...


I was privileged to sit five rows from Michelle Obama last night in her intimate conversation about her new book, “BECOMING.” Regardless of our political opinions and more likely in spite of my different political opinions, Michelle Obama a brilliant lady, was...

When You “Hit the Wall” and Get Stuck…

You try very hard, but you cannot move forward—you cannot move forward! In 1982, psychologists James Prochaska and Carlo DiClemente developed a useful five stages model describing how people change. According to their model, it is normal for people to require several...

Tomorrow is Another Day

What are the difference between now and tomorrow? What lies between our desires to our fulfillment? What lies between our expectation of ourselves and those around us and having it? This is a process that is either immediate or slow. "Some things are very easy for me...

Relationship with my Smartphone

Most parents that come to my office are very concerned that their children are non-stop roaming the Internet and constantly use modern technologies (computer, Facebook, cell phone, Twitter, Instagram). Being immersed in computerized technology prevents a person from...

I am a failure

Who doesn't want to succeed ?! It makes us feel joy and pleasure and strengthens our self-confidence. There is nothing like the feeling of victory. However, what happen when we fail? Judy, a 36 year-old woman, is married and has three children. Three years ago, she...

On Pain and Suffering

When Ran was 8 years old his father was killed in during a military combat operation. His memories of his father were only from family trips and spending weekends at the pool. However, Ran learned that life moved on. His mother worked and raised him just like the...

30s are not the new 20s

Roe (24) recently graduated from college, but is struggling to find himself and is unemployed. He claims that he mainly cares about earning a lot of money. However, currently, he lives at home and is supported financially by his parents. His father and him constantly fight and argue.

Happy School Year! 

The following is a translation of an article that I published in the IsraPost newspaper. This is an article regarding Performance Anxiety and how to cope with it.   I Will Never Be Able to Pass the Exam! - Performance Anxiety Zoe (15) is a diligent student, does her...

All is not nothing

Do you have worries in you mind of “what if…”?; What if I will be fired  from work, what if I or anyone in my family gets sick. These concerns might  burden so much that you can not enjoy all the good that you have. This is Mark… Mark, married 2, has everything you...


Facebook  can be a great media connection eliminates the physical boundaries between people: you can find friends from high school you didn’t see, you can be involved in the life of people you can’t meet. However,  it can also make you very frustrated to see how other...

Performance anxiety

The beginning of the school is an exciting time, but it also means that EXAMS are back as well. For all of us EXAMS = STRESS, but some take it to the extreme where it can became a Performance Anxiety. The following is a translation of an article that I published in...

Perfect child

Is there a "Perfect Child" ?! The following is a translation from Hebrew of an article I published in the IsraPost newspaper  . in which I offer instead of the above, the concept "good enough child”… Good Enough Child Ran, a 16 years old, is a high school student. He...

Who’s Afraid of School?

Have you ever felt abdominal pains, headaches, and dizziness only on school days without any medical illness? If you, you need to check if you have a school anxiety. The following is a translation of an article that I published in the IsraePost newspaper. This is a...


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Therapy Can Be Provided In English Or Hebrew