Coping with Anxiety

Stress is a normal reaction to a perceived threat or change in our life. It may increase productivity (like, preparing for an exam) and our ability to adjust to new situations.

However, distress is destructive as it is the negativity of stress, going out of control. It can influence your physical health (high blood pressure) and your relationship. Anxiety shares general symptoms: physical symptoms as sweat, shorten breath, heart palpitations, and mental symptoms as excessive irrational fears and difficulty controlling it. It may negatively affect your daily life to the point that you may need professional help.


Anxiety can be manifested as:

  • A general type (not specified to an event, place, or people)
  • Social anxiety (specified to social interaction or speech)
  • Performance anxiety (around tests, exams, interviews)
  • Phobia (such as extreme fears from animals, flights, highways)
  • Panic Attack (to the point that you feel that you have a heart attack).


Causes of Anxiety

Combination of genetic, environmental, psychological, and developmental factors (



Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and REBT can help you. There are no side effects of CBT or REBT other than you might experience a temporary increase in anxiety levels.

I can help you to gain realistic perspective on the situation you worried about and develop control so you can enjoy a normal and enjoyable life.

Depending on the problems and severities, you may need to take medications (such as SSRI, usually prescribed by a psychiatrist (MD) or your primary physician).

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