I was privileged to sit five rows from Michelle Obama last night in her intimate conversation about her new book, “BECOMING.” Regardless of our political opinions and more likely in spite of my different political opinions, Michelle Obama a brilliant lady, was remarkable and thought-provoking during the entire evening. 

Two hours of incredible discussions of ideas that are not new but conveyed in a warm and wise manner by the former First Lady of the White House. Few for Mother Day:

@ I am a MOM– When asked to describe herself, Michelle Obama doesn’t hesitate to say that she is first and foremost a MOM, before any of her credentials. 

@ The FAMILY of ORIGION and PLACE you BORN– Before becoming a mom, she was Fraser and Marian Robinson’s daughter, growing up at the south side of Chicago. She doesn’t forget and, on the contrary, proud of the past and her family of origin.

@ When MOMs CRY– Being a mom, she is the first to admit to cry more when her favorite babysitter left then when she fought with her husband.

@ Building a WOMEN TRIBE around you– Being a mom is building a network of friends, rather than trying to go through it alone. Keep girlfriends around to have fun or to share experiences with as well as help with each other’s children. 

@ TRUST YOURSELF – Being a mom, you always need to be open to advices from others, including professionals, but at the end of the day you need to trust yourself and believe in your children. 

@ BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND YOUR KIDS– It is unhealthy to listen to people with negative messages. “There will be people who will not see in you what you know is inside yourself,” she said. That’s especially important for girls, who are often stifled by society’s expectations. Michelle Obama said: “We can make a child soar, or we can crush them with our words.”

@ GOOD ENOUGH”– Being a mom is being a woman that does not always do “the right things” but who is willing to be open and try to be the best version of herself.

@ “CHECKING BOXES”– Life isn’t just about “checking boxes” in your life and career but being present in your life and feel the sense of joy inside you.

                                          Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!