Navigating between the “Spaghetti lines” and the American and European models or how to live with uncertainty

With Hurricane Dorian, currently the only certainty we have is the uncertainty.

How to live with uncertainty?

  1. Stress is a natural response when we face a natural disaster and it even help us to prepare. However, panic and anxiety lead us to make irrational decisions
  1. Making decisions is sometimes hard, but once you commit to staying, finish all the required preparations- it can give you a sense of control.
  2. TV ,computer, cellular, etc- Do not continuously watch 24/7. The same news play over and over again and may create unnecessary stress and anxiety (same goes for kids)
  1. Save gasoline and instead enjoy nature– exercise, go out for a walk, or go to the beach (only if it is still safe to do so.) It helps with reducing stress in general and stress eating- aka the “hurricane munchees.”
  2. Be mindful– appreciate nature. With all the technology, hurricanes remind us how powerful nature is.
  3. Breath, breath, breath.
  4. Social support and belonging – If you are by yourself, reach out to others. If you are with your family and friends, look around and invite or call anyone who is alone- it gives a sense of belonging and care that we all need, especially at these difficult moments.
  5. Remember that “you can work hard and rebuild your house, but not your life.”
  6. Stay safe physically and mentally!