Therapy in E-Motion

If you have lost interest in “traditional” therapy sessions, you might find this new concept rejuvenating.

We live in South Florida. However, we can become so busy that we forget the many beautiful and safe outdoor parks with trees, water, and wildlife within easy reach.

Based on my professional and personal experience, I developed a new type of mental health idea called “Therapy in E-Motion”.  This therapy works with your emotions while your body is in motion. “Therapy in E-Motion” utilizes mind-body connection. It is similar to traditional psychotherapy but you are outside of the therapy room, with both mind and body set in motion to activate change.

Therapy in E-Motion creates an environment for thinking outside of the box when confronting difficult issues to bring about creative solutions and dramatic shifts in thinking about your life. Walking side by side, surrounded by visual input like trees, water and the sun, may allow for a more comfortable interaction between the therapist and the client.

Therapy in E-motionIf you work in the area, I will meet you in your place of business and we can start our walk from there.  Alternatively, we can meet at your house/apartment, or we can decide on another meeting place. Depending on our starting point, we will stroll through one of the parks in Aventura/North Miami Beach. The session starts as soon as we are out the door, so there is not a minute wasted.

You will benefit from both aspects – therapy and exercise.

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Therapy Can Be Provided In English Or Hebrew