You try very hard, but you cannot move forward—you cannot move forward!

In 1982, psychologists James Prochaska and Carlo DiClemente developed a useful five stages model describing how people change. According to their model, it is normal for people to require several trips through the five stages to make lasting change. Relapse is viewed as a normal part of the changing process
Sometimes we give up and stop. Sometimes we have so many fears that we do not even try. Sometimes we try, fall, try and them we found ourselves stand in front of a “wall.” We fall down and we stop trying. We simply give up.

And then we open the “excuses bag”: this is not for me, I will wait until my children are grown, I will lose, I don’t have the money, how will this affect my family.

While those in the picture who continue trying many times end up succeeding, sometimes after many times of falling, withdrawal and frustration can make one feel like a failure in many other areas in life.

What can You Do?

Let’s divide the change into stages of difficulty:

  1. The Easy stage: take a deep breath
  2. The Must Do stage: sit with a paper and pen or with your cell phone notes and evaluate the situation: WHY- do I want it? WHAT- is my purpose? WHAT do I need- in order to achieve my goal? WHEN is the best time to do it? WHERE should I do it?
  3. Very Challenging stage: make a decision!
  4. Critical stage: can you do it alone or do you need partners or social support?
  5. The Drama-Action stage: sometime it shines, sometimes it pours; but you must keep going and never give up
  6. The Reward stage: Earn a new life

I cannot promise you what is not in my control but I can share with you from my personal and professional experience that if you have a goal that you really want to achieve and you start the above-mentioned process, you will be more successful in life.

When you succeed, it is a feeling of pure happiness and joy, and self-confidence.

It is hard to describe in words how you may feel when you climb over the “wall” in your life.

When you have more and more of those experiences, your self-esteem will increase. Believe in yourself and enjoy the life you created.

If you are in one of those intersections facing the “wall,” try to get professional help. I am here to help you analyze, plan, explore, and help you to achieve your goal.

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