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I am a psychotherapist (Ph.D, LCSW), Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist in the State of Florida, Owner of a private practice for individual and couples in Aventura. In order for my clients to express their thoughts and feelings, I strive to create a confidential, supportive, and non-judgmental relationship. I can promise you that all communications that take place in our sessions are kept strictly confidential.

neta (34) העתקOne of my professional passions is “Women and Wellness.” One aspect of this service is helping women face difficult issues at many points during their lives. However, I am equally committed to helping all of my clients (both women and men), whoever they may be, and at any stage of their lives.

Ten years ago, I was deciding between different jobs, and had no specific goal to inspire me. I decided it was time to take charge, and alter my lifestyle. I started with a goal—to strive for a healthier lifestyle.

At that time, I did not know exactly what it meant for me, but I walked a bit each day, improving my pace and endurance with each time. Currently, I run marathons and triathlons, an incredible feat for a previously not athletic person like myself. I also changed my eating habits, by eating nutritious foods, eating mindfully, and making better choices. With that, I have discovered my passion in life—to inspire others to change their lifestyle for the better, just as I have, and improve their overall well being, using both mind and body.


IMG_6381With this new mindset and goal, I developed a new type of mental health idea,  “Therapy in E-Motion”. This therapy makes use of our mind-body connection. Therapy in E-Motion is similar to traditional psychotherapy but is unique in that the client is outside of the therapy room. Discover more about Therapy in E-Motion and other Types of Therapy.


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