Previous Clients 

I invite you to read what my previous clients have to say about their experiences.


“After such a long journey, I am so grateful for having met you, as you were the only person that didn’t give up on me while everyone else, including myself didn’t believe I would be able to overcome my eating disorder issues. Yet now I can finally admit that I have an eating disorder, thanks to you… You made me believe I can actually accept myself the way I am, build a support system around me and appreciate the little things in life that can create a big change. Your unusual and down-to-earth way of walking me through one step at a time, with no judgment, made me start to believe in myself.” (T.S.)

“I appreciated your warmth and care. Your office felt like a safe place to open up and discuss my fears and concerns.”   (P.A)

“You have given me such a joy to know you. You called to see if I’m OK – just touch my heart. Thank you for all the kindness you always give to me!” (A.R)

“Thank you for all your help. I am grateful to the diary you helped me to write. Now I can look back, read, and realize how much I have learned from your sessions. I now lead a more peaceful and fulfilling life.” (T.B)